Welcome to the official website of Rho Eta Gamma Women’s Leadership Society.


Our name, Rho Eta Gamma, was derived from taking the first letter of the phrase “Reflecting His Glory” and choose the corresponding Greek letter that corresponds with that letter.


Founded in 2003, we are a professional Greek honor society for Christian women in church or marketplace leadership. We are a sisterhood bonded together under the common goal to become and equip strong, mature spiritual leaders within the Body of Christ, and to fulfill the Great Commission, stated by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20 of the Holy Bible. We accomplish this by aiding in the development and nurturing of our members’ spiritual gifts, in order that they may serve to edify the whole Body of Christ while functioning as generals in the faith.


Our goal is to affirm the true role of a virtuous woman and spiritual leader to the Body of Christ. We carry our our assignment through our Seven Pillars of Spiritual Leadership.