Message from Visionary


Lavonya L. Jones, Visionary & President

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

My name is Lavonya Jones, known by the beautiful “diamonds” of Rho Eta Gamma as Lady Shofar. I am the visionary and founder of Rho Eta Gamma Women’s Leadership Society. I’m originally from Atlanta, GA. I graduated from Hampton University in May of 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship, and in 2008 with a Master of Arts degree from Regent University in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Coaching and Mentoring. I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University. In the marketplace I serve in several capacities as the Owner of Young Edge Coaching and Consulting, the SVP of Strategy & Planning for the Urban Gospel Alliance International, Inc., and the Program Director for the Atlanta Chapter of the EYE (Educating Young Entrepreneurs) Club. I am the wife of my absolute best friend, Fred Jones, II.

Rho Eta Gamma Women’s Leadership Society was started out of a burden in my heart to see better equipped and spirit-led leaders in the Body of Christ. There was a season in my life where I became very frustrated with the Church because of the lack of regard for the standards of God. During this time, God began to deal with me and let me know that His Church was this way because of the spiritual state of the leaders that were leading His flock. He begin to place a desire in me for an organization the would take young general’s in the faith that have been called to the frontlines of this spiritual battle and properly disciple, equip, mature, and train them in the grace that they had been given by God.

I began to dialogue with God and make known that if I was going to accept this assignment I needed the strength and wisdom of His Holy Spirit because I didn’t want to start a fraternal organization that was just a copy cat of secular Greek-lettered organizations and without any power or influence. Immediately the Holy Spirit began to guide me every step of the way, and through much prayer and fasting, Rho Eta Gamma Women’s Leadership Society was birthed.

It is my desire and the desire of the ladies of Rho Eta Gamma Women’s Leadership Society to see the Church of the Living God be a glorious and powerful Church; a pure Church without spot or wrinkle. And as stated by John C. Maxwell, this will start with the leadership of the Church— because “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Right now we are a Church where the blind are leading the blind, and this is not the desire of our Holy Father. He requires truth in the inward parts. If we are to properly wage war against the kingdom of darkness we have to be holy, sanctified, mature, and unified. We must learn how to live a life of reflection of our God. As stated in Ephesians 5:1 we must be imitators of God in every area of our lives, right down to the most minute detail. Every area of our lives must be sanctified by the Glory of God. Anything less than this should be rare, not the norm.

So I welcome you to our website. Learn of us and see what we’re about. We are a city based, not college based organization. So, if it is your desire to join with this vision or you would just like to encourage us as we pursue the Glory of God, please feel free to contact us. And I encourage you to pursue the Glory of God in your life and seek to be a continuous “Reflection of His Glory”.

In His Image,

Lavonya “Lady Shofar” Jones

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