What We’re About


  • To form chapters of young adult women across the world that have a sincere desire to have a closer, more intimate walk with God.
  • To form chapters of young adult women across the world that have a sincere desire to be developed and equipped as strong, mature spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ.
  • To edify the Body of Christ spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually in a radical, revolutionary, and uncompromising fashion.
  • To uphold and adhere to the highest standards of holiness, integrity, discipline, poise, virtue, and excellence wherever we are.
  • To be fishers of men in accordance with Mark 1:17 of the Holy Bible.
  • To reproduce strong, mature spiritual leaders after our own kind in the Body of Christ within our communities.
  • To give accountability, inspiration, encouragement, support, spiritual guidance, and edification to women as they seek after the Glory of God.
  • To enhance the spiritual, emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and professional growth of our members.
  • To reflect the character of God in our lives and to bring attention to His presence in the world through the way we live.
  • To nurture and encourage the individuality of each of its members, as they seek to be one with God and conform to the image of Christ, while working collectively as one body and unit to impact God’s heavenly kingdom in a radical and revolutionary way.

Ten Practices of Apostolic Leadership

The sisters of Rho Eta Gamma Women’s Leadership Society commit to abide by the following practices of Apostolic Leaders outlined at the 2005 LWIA Leadership Conference in Newport News, VA.

  1. Apostolic leadership engages a unique intimacy with God through prayer and private devotion.
  2. Apostolic leaders receive revelation from God.
  3. Apostolic leaders intercede on behalf of the people.
  4. Apostolic leaders love what God loves and hate what God hates.
  5. Apostolic leaders hold subordinate leaders accountable.
  6. Apostolic leaders attract and reproduce great leaders.
  7. Apostolic leaders choose the will of God over their ties with people.
  8. Apostolic leaders are tested and proven by God.
  9. Apostolic leaders fight to defend the Glory of God.
  10. Apostolic leaders make extraordinary request from God